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Choose from our most popular range of Lifejoy services which can be delivered as keynote speeches, workshops or with individuals.

Lifejoy ~ Motivation and Marvellous Morale for Your Team. Olympic ~ Coaching to be the Best Asset to Your Organisation.
Resurgam ~ Survive and Shine through Restructures and Redeployment. Exclusions to Excellence ~ Tremendous Tales from the Headmaster's Daughter to make Your Organisation Top of the Class.
Brainbox ~ A Swot Analysis to Enable Your Education and Employability. Mentor ~ What's the French for Entrepreneur? Insights for Business Start-Ups.
Heroic Hope ~ How the Northern Ireland Peace Process can Inspire Your Work. Oration ~ How to Speak in Public with Elegant Ease for Life and Work.
Workjoy ~ Work-Life Balance to keep Your Staff Happy and Healthy.

Lifejoy Professional Training sessions are about helping your people to thrive. The most important asset in any organisation is it’s people. They need to be valued and enabled to fulfil their potential. This is true investment that brings both tangible and intangible rewards. An organisation that values and takes care of its staff has the strongest foundations. Lifejoy Training teaches the values which are the foundations for sustainable development. The most important values are based on integrity, good service, wise decision making, pragmatic planning and consistent application to ensure that all actions are taken in order to thrive. We can all benefit from more self-discipline and enthusiasm and Lifejoy Training can deliver these for your people.

Lifejoy Training has delivered extensive training to Companies, Higher Education, Health Care providers, Small Businesses and Charitable and Voluntary Organisations. All organisations need to keep building sustainable foundations through development plans and motivating their staff. Lifejoy training is perfectly fitted for Staff-Development, Professional Performance Training, Development Planning and enhancing Staff Morale and Motivation.

Lifejoy bespoke training sessions are often the most effective and efficient way to work towards excellence. By booking Individual Sessions we can work with your management team to provide wise structures and examples to those around them. By booking the Team-Building sessions it can help you achieve a united and therefore more productive team. By booking a Motivational Talk everyone can benefit and go forward with a dedicated mentality and ultimately more productive output. All of our services are designed to improve staff well-being and performance. Please look at the photographs in the Gallery and read the many reassuring testimonials.

"When Rebecca entered Headlight it was like injecting the organisation with a breath of fresh air. Rebecca is a truly motivational trainer who supported staff and volunteers to think outside the box and relish in the notion that the community spirit and person centred approach which prevails is the reason behind the success of the organisation.

The team building training Rebecca offered, left Headlight enthused with ideas for future action planning, leaving a lasting positive impact. Thanks Rebecca, you are an inspiration and a fantastic speaker."

T.Doyle, Development Manager, Headlight.
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