“Rebecca always gives me a boost in morale and self confidence. It gives me a great spring in my step. She has helped me to be more perceptive of my priorities.”
J. Davidson Director of Querido & Davidson
“I would certainly recommend Lifejoy, it was brilliant and a joy to listen to. Looking forward to the next one. Thank you very much.”
H. Lazonby
“Dr Rebecca is engaging and full of the personal touch. Language is simple and the Lifejoy philosophy is though-provoking.”
B. Si Newcastle University
“Fab! Clarity! Focus! Excellent! I can’t wait to start my second book!”
Geoff Ramm Marketing Speaker and Chair of the National Professional Speakers Association.
"Anyone encountering Rebecca for the first time cannot fail to be impressed by her ability to articulate a passion for those issues that engage and motivate her. She continually demonstrates an enthusiasm and determination that challenges and motivates those to whom she is speaking. She expresses in all that she is, a vigour that leaves a lasting impression. Her sense of justice is manifest in her energy for all that she aspires to achieve."
Judith Sadler Area Manager for Christian Aid (NE)
"I have found Becca to be very motivating, helpful, friendly and a joy with whom to work."
Mari Life-Coaching Client
"Rebecca is a person of great determination and commitment. She is a great communicator and has the happy ability of convincing others of the rightness of her cause."
Ann Faulkner Director of CFS Research Foundation
"Rebecca is a wonderful, enlightened and caring soul. With her support and guidance I was able to move my business forward despite the current economic climate. Professional, dedicated and open-minded are the words that come to mind when I reflect on my time with Rebecca. She will help you see your own potential and encourage you to build on this for your future plans."
Karen Neil Business Client