Lifejoy Lectures: Inform & Inspire…

We are delighted to announce an expansion to the range of talks available for community groups. Whatever the size or structure of your organisation; there is something for you.

“Lifejoy ~ Good Hearts, Hopes and Heroes.” “Resurgam ~ How to Survive and Thrive through Adversity.”
“Guesthouses do get Painted ~ How to be an Optimistic Realist.” “When Ivy Madeline went to Manchuria ~ Inspiration from my Gran, the Medical Missionary.”
“Dynamite ~ Explosive Exhortations from my Great-Gran’s Empire.” “How to be an Historian ~ Plots, Pleasures and Primary Sources.”
“Orange, Green and In Between ~ The Irish in North-East England.” “Loadsa Money ~ Fabulous Fundraising for Your Cause.”
“Declutter Divas ~ How to have a Tidy Mind, Life and Home.” “There’s a Book in Us All ~ How to Write Yours.”
“Germs ~ The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.” “How to have a Big Fat Ethical Wedding.”
“How to have a Fantastic Funeral.”

Our vibrant range of topics is intended to uplift and entertain. Having worked with the University of the Third Age, Women’s Institute, Townswomen’s Guild, Rotary International, Probus, Mothers’ Union and a wide range of Friendship groups; there is much to be gained from having an uplifting Lifejoy lecture. Dr Rebecca has also given Community lectures at the University of Sunderland and Motivational talks to the students at Newcastle University. We really can have an exhilarating time together. Please call or email today to make a booking.

“A thoroughly enjoyable evening thanks to Rebecca’s talk. We will have her back in the near future. We felt totally uplifted because she is a very nice person and a good speaker.”

J.Bell. Leader of Chester-le-Street Ladies Fellowship.
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