Life-Coaching is for You!

Would you like to fulfil your potential?

Do you feel like there is something missing in your life?

Do you want to make progress and help yourself?

If you can answer yes just one of these questions then Life-Coaching may be just the thing for you. We can work together with bespoke Lifejoy sessions or choose from the following options.

Lifejoy - How to be More Motivated and Generally Marvellous. Brainbox - A Swot Analysis to Enable Your Education and Employability.
Oration - How to Speak in Public with Elegant Ease for Life and Work. Resurgam - How to Survive and Shine Through Life's Challenges.
Progress - How to Make the Most of Yourself and Your Future. Guesthouses do get Painted - How to be an Optimistic Realist.
Selfjoy - Bespoke Sessions to Suit Your Situation.

Lifejoy Life-Coaching helps you to find the answers to the questions in your life. Dr Rebecca has a Life-Coaching Certificate, extensive professional indemnity and public liability insurance, and Criminal Records Bureau checks in place. She offers a calm, clear and concise service where the client directs and delivers their success. Working collaboratively is a very rewarding process where progress and the methods needed are identified. A relaxed discussion ensues about attitudes, aims and actions. An attainable plan is then produced to achieve those goals.

One of the most important aspects of Lifejoy Life-Coaching is training to enhance resilience, stress-management and work-life balance. We all have challenges in life and with Lifejoy Life-Coaching we can work together to survive and shine through adversity. Dreams can be made possible with self-discipline, organisation and an exciting plan. If you would like to enhance any area of your life including your relationships, career, health or general levels of happiness then Lifejoy can deliver you greater joy. Please do something to make positive progress and call Dr Rebecca for a free 15 minute consultation and see the difference that can be made for you.

“I would recommend Rebecca to anyone who wants to be uplifted and motivated. She is an excellent listener, has a great calmness and seems to know exactly what to say to make someone feel better in themselves. I’ve certainly benefitted from our chats and look forward to her regular contact. Many thanks Rebecca.”

C.Lynn, Proprietor of Proconnect.
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