About Dr Rebecca

Dr Rebecca’s life and work are about inspiring your joyful resilience. There are no glibe theories or quick fixes to her Lifejoy tools, they were hard-won through twenty years of practical experience and she is ready to share them with you and save you a lot of time, energy and effort! Dr Rebecca is an expert in adversity and challenge because she has lived through so much of it! She was very ill for a very long time but never lost hope that her lifejoy was waiting to be discovered. Having had between 12-40 weeks a year in bed or hospital from the age of 17-37, she learned what it was to suffer and survive. More importantly, she wanted to do more than survive, she wanted to thrive and be joyful. Having such a depth of experience in physical illness and the wider challenges that go with it, Dr Rebecca offers a rare level of empathy and enthusiasm for the wealth of normal life. She will help you see the many blessings that you may already be taking for granted and help you align your attitudes, aims and actions.

What will connect you to this story is that Dr Rebecca did everything right and it still went horribly wrong! She was the Headmaster’s daughter, very hard-working, very well-behaved and very fit until the age of 17. Being in the County Youth Choir, Brass Band, and a regular volunteer, she loved lots of outdoor activities and was really excited about leaving home to go to University. Then all the things she loved to do were taken and all normal life stopped.

There was only the tiny fragment of a part-time course that offered any normality. Rebecca was determined not to be defined by difficult circumstances and kept looking for ways out and a return to some joy. Having taken ‘A’ level’s with repeated interruptions and spending a year in and out of hospital she set about doing a degree in her local University because her health was so frail that she could only manage a couple of hours a week. She even managed to wreck a starter motor and several batteries in her Mum’s Micra because she had to move the car over such short distances to get around! It was amazing to see how many of her friends were happy to have a little lift between lectures to stay warm and dry when they were perfectly fit and well! Just how many students can you fit inside a Micra? Then with a fractional improvement, she managed to plug away at her studies whist fundraising in between so many weeks in bed. The fundraising started because Rebecca had been refused a voluntary job as she was too frail. To compensate for the rejection, her lovely Mum found an article in a local paper about a new charity that was looking for fundraising and left Rebecca planning just what she could do from her bed to support them. Sometimes the smallest of gestures can have the most empowering effect. This led to an impressive array of events, campaigns and media coverage for several charities which taught Rebecca that restrictions and limitations are there to be overcome and that she could still make a contribution to society despite being so challenged. With some wonderful enabling help, Rebecca found ingenious ways to experience snatches of normality. She will inspire your own resilience with her tremendous tales! (Ask her about the bedroom window, her first bus trip and the fire escape…)

The tools of motivation and resilience were her best assets, alongside wonderful care from her family and friends. After several years of plodding away at her undergraduate studies, Rebecca was too ill to sit up and take her finals so had to take them as oral exams. This was a great blessing because she learned that she could speak well under stressful conditions and the examiner appeared to go home a little bit happier!

Then another blessing came along, she won the prize for Overall Academic Achievement. Adversity had helped her find ways to accelerate her effectiveness and efficiency which led to excellence. People started to notice and the University staff and her Doctors starting to ask her to give motivating talks to their staff, students and patients. Being in front of a crowded room made Rebecca feel most alive and this started to sow the seeds of her future career. After a Distinction in her Master’s Degree, a PhD in Political Conflict Resolution and a Life-Coaching certificate, Dr Rebecca was ready to start building and sharing Lifejoy. (By the way, if you’re wondering about the state of her health now, well, thank you, it is much better than it was but still needs wise management. She teaches that which she needs to learn! Working at Lifejoy makes her better every day!)

So what would you do if all your life stopped at the age of 17 or 27 or 57? If you have hit an obstacle in your life or work then you need the Lifejoy tools to help you find a way through. If you are doing well and would like just a little more hope or direction then Lifejoy will fit you beautifully too. Lifejoy will help you enhance your attitudes and values to shine more brightly. Let’s work together so that we aren’t defined by our circumstances, let’s be defined by our character and courage.

Please read the reassuring testimonials and for your resilience to be inspired book Dr Rebecca for a Lifejoy Keynote Lecture, Lifejoy Group Training or Lifejoy Individual Coaching session and see the improvement to your daily life. Call 0191 5843941 or 0750 4815638.

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