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Your Business Lifejoy

How to Survive and Thrive through the Challenges of Starting-Up and Sustaining Work.

Tuesday 5th November 2013 Newcastle City Library.

Investment only £10

Starting your business is a grand adventure but it can be really stressful. This is your morning to take control and to start making sustainable progress. This is the session to help you thrive through the really tough days and appreciate the good ones. You will learn easy ways to improve your organisation, motivation and resilience. We will work on attitudes, aims and actions to reduce the stress in life. Being logical and determined are the foundations to good motivation and morale. Everyone is welcome and we can learn together so come along and meet nice folks, learn helpful stuff and go home feeling empowered.

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Business Lifejoy ~ Success for Your Start-Up & SME.

Resurgam in M.E..

Is it Possible to Survive and Thrive through this Adversity?

1pm Sunday 12th May 2013 Bullion Hall, Chester-le-Street. DH2 2ES

Would you like to be a little more informed and a little inspired? Come along for a unique experience of uplifting motivation and realistic resilience. Meet lovely people and be fortified with enhanced courage, compassion and contribution

New Year Lifejoy ~ Rise to be Your Best Self.

How to connect your compassion and courage to make your finest contribution.

St. Anthony’s Priory, Durham City, Saturday 18th January 2014 10-4pm A lovely lunch is included for you. Investment (£20)

We all long to be happy and fulfilled but how many of us make resolutions and fail to keep them once the turkey is long gone? It is possible to find joy in your life whilst managing life’s challenges? You can survive and shine through adversity. If you would like to be a bit more motivated and resilient to reach your goals then this is a Lifejoy day for you. Whatever has happened in your life, whatever hopes and fears are within you, then this day will help you start anew within the context of realistic faithful foundations. The Lifejoy sessions are anchored in a broad Christian Spirituality and welcome people of all faiths as well as those seeking and those who live in hope!

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