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Rebecca Williams Dinsdale PhD is a highly qualified, experienced and gifted communicator who works to enable your Lifejoy. If you need your people to be inspired to be more motivated and more resilient, then get in touch with Dr Rebecca. She is available to work with the corporate world, caring professions and education sector. As a prize-winning triple graduate, she knows how to help your people seek their success and maximise their potential. Dr Rebecca is an expert in adversity and overcoming insurmountable odds. Her story will enthral and entertain whilst providing with effective tools to tackle your challenges. She will help you answer your questions about personal and professional growth. In addition, Dr Rebecca is a Business Start-Up Mentor and works extensively with Sustainable Enterprise Strategies.

The Lifejoy ethos is about enlightening and enabling your people to examine and engage with their own attitudes, aims and actions. Once your three “A’s” are aligned then you can all survive and thrive upwards to your own definitions of success. When you are courageous and compassionate you can make a much more significant contribution to your organization, community and homelife. Through the Lifejoy sessions, Dr Rebecca will help to inspire your resilience and your joy. You have so much to gain from working with the Lifejoy tools and strategies. Get in touch today. You can be assured of a joyful welcome!

“There are speakers and there are truly exceptional speakers. Rebecca falls firmly into the latter category. She leaves the room buzzing. I would recommend her to anyone looking to raise the stakes.”

W. Herdman, Senior Business Consultant BIC.

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